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  • Nov 22, 2021

    “Fili XP” – FiliLife Day 14

    Remember the line, “Ask, and you shall receive”? This Monday, we want to know what your Christmas wish for yourself is. You can post a photo of something you’ve always wanted or take a video of yourself stating your wishlist! Be creative! Who knows, your secret Santa could be watching 🙂 PS. Remember to put […]

  • Nov 22, 2021


    11 December 2021, 9:00 AM-4:00 P.M.
    St. Patrick’s Parish Recreation Centre
    2881 Main Street, Vancouver

  • Nov 21, 2021

    “Fili XP” – FiliLife Day 13

    Home is where the heart is. This Sunday, we’d like you to post a photo or video of something or someone that reminds you of home. It could be a place you feel connected to the most, a place you are happy to arrive back at, somewhere you have a lot of fond memories of, […]

  • Nov 20, 2021

    “Fili XP” – FiliLife Day 12

    Miss kita kung Christmas! As we count down the days before the holidays, let’s hype the festivities further by posting a picture or video of your family during the Christmas Season! Add hashtags  #FiliXP & #FiliLife on your posts and tag the fam so they’d know you’re thinking about them too!

  • Nov 19, 2021

    “Fili XP” – FiliLife Day 11

    This Friday, we are going on a trip… around the world! For today’s challenge, we want you to post a photo or video of your favorite spot in the city you are in! It could be a Filipino restaurant, a usual tourist spot, or even just a park bench with an amazing view. Make sure […]

  • Nov 18, 2021

    Self-Defense (Krav Maga) Zoom Session with Master Shishir Inocalla, 29 November 2021

    In support of the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW), an advocacy campaign that is observed annually as mandated by Proclamation 1172 s. 2006, the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver would like to invite our kababayan to a Self-Defense Zoom Session with Master Shishir Inocalla on 29 November 2021 at 5:30 PM. Join […]

  • Nov 18, 2021

    26th Tranche of Retail Treasury Bonds, 24 November 2021

    The Bureau of the Treasury proudly presents RTB 26: Pamana ang Panatag na Bukas! Join us in this online roadshow as you learn more about this exciting investment opportunity on 24 November 2021. See you there! Join via:

  • Nov 18, 2021

    “Fili XP” – FiliLife Day 10

    By now you might have heard of Marie Kondo and the #KonMari method of decluttering – letting go of things you don’t need and keeping only those that “spark joy”. If you are to keep only one thing in your life right now that sparks joy, what or who would it be and why?  Post […]