Overseas Voting



By virtue of Republic Act No. 9189, as amended by Republic Act  No. 10590, all Filipino citizens, who are at least 18 years old by 9 May 2022, and are  not disqualified by law, may register as an Overseas Voter for purposes of participating in the May 2022 Presidential Elections.

Registration Period

The registration period for the May 2022 Presidential Elections is from 16 December 2019 to 30 September 2021.  During this time, the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver will accept applications for registration/certification filed either at the Consulate or at any of its consular outreach missions conducted during this period.

Requests for Transfer of Registration Records will also be entertained at this time.

Qualifications of Registrants

  1. Filipino citizens in British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories
  2. At least 18 years old on or before 9 May 2022
  3. Not otherwise disqualified by law, such as in one of the following instances:
  1. Has been sentenced to prison for more than one (1) year
  2. Has been convicted of crimes such as rebellion, insurrection, violation of the firearms laws, or any crime against national security
  3. Has been declared insane or incompetent

Any person disqualified to register under (a) and (b) above shall automatically reacquire the right to register and vote upon expiration of five (5) years after service of sentence.

Requirements for Registering

All applicants for Overseas Voting must appear in person for biometrics capturing at the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver or at any of its consular outreach missions within British Columbia, Yukon or the Northwest Territories.

Applicants must bring with them any proof of Philippine citizenship (original and photocopy),

    • Valid Philippine passport
    • Philippine Birth Certificate
    • Dual Citizenship Identification Certificate (for dual citizens)
    • Seaman’s Book (for seafarers)



The Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver is pleased to announce that Filipinos in British Columbia, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories may now fill out their Overseas Voter registration forms prior to coming to the Consulate, through an online facility called iRehistro.

The online system allows applicants to accomplish the forms in advance, leaving only the biometrics  (photograph, fingerprints and signature) to be taken at the Consulate during their visit, considerably shortening the registration process.  After filling out the form, applicants need only to print it out in legal-sized paper, including the QR code, and bring that to the designated encoder at the Consulate who will then take the applicants’ biometrics.

In view of the current pandemic and ensuing safety protocols being observed by the Consulate, only those coming to the Consulate, or to any of its outreach missions for the year, for consular transactions will initially have the opportunity to register through this link https://irehistro.comelec.gov.ph/irehistro/ovf1.  As soon as the health situation improves, the facility will be opened up to everyone.



Overseas Voting registration form OVF 1

Date modified: February 26th, 2021