Shipment of Human Remains / Urns to the Philippines


  • All clients must fill up and submit the Health Declaration form on-site when availing services at the Consulate.

Aside from the accomplishment of the Report of Death of deceased Filipino citizen, a Mortuary Certificate is also required for the shipment of human remains or urns for repatriation to the Philippines.

The following documents for the Shipment of Human Remains should be submitted (original and two (2) photocopies):

  • Death Certificate issued by the Vital Statistics Office;
  • Embalmer’s Certificate stating that the body was duly embalmed and is in sanitary condition for shipment abroad;
  • Mortuary Certificate stating that the casket contains only the body of the deceased;
  • Certification from the attending physician stating that the cause of death was not a contagious disease*;
  • Burial or transit permit issued by the local state office;
  • Photocopy of the identification page of the deceased’s passport;
  • Flight itinerary of the remains, including the name address and telephone number of the receiving funeral home or consignee in the Philippines; address and phone number of the next of kin in Canada and in the Philippines; and
  • Processing fee of Can$ 36.25.
  • Duly accomplished Report of Death (ROD) for Filipino Citizens

Note that bodies of persons who died as a consequence of any communicable disease should be properly embalmed and placed in a hermetically sealed metallic casket, which should be enclosed in a wooden coffin or case and securely screwed or nailed and carefully disinfected.

In requesting the shipment of urns, the following documents should be submitted (original and two (2) photocopies:

  • Death Certificate by the Vital Statistics Office;
  • Medical Certification of Death issued by the physician;
  • Cremation Certificate;
  • Certification from the crematorium stating that the urn contains only the ashes of the deceased;
  • Photocopy of the identification page of the deceased’s passport;
  • Name and flight schedule of the person accompanying the cremated remains to the Philippines; and
  • Fee of Can$ 36.25.
  • For a deceased Filipino citizen, a duly accomplished Report of Death (ROD) – please refer to the Report of Death form for the separate set of requirements and applicable fee.

In order to ensure timely and expeditious processing of the accompanying documents, the requesting party should submit all the original documents required and the processing fee as soon as possible.

Payment in cash, company check and postal money order is accepted.

Processing Time

Regular Processing:

Four (4) to five (5) working days excluding mail delivery-time. Because of the COVID 19 situation, pick- up of documents is currently not permitted. For the release of their consularized documents, clients must submit a self-addressed Canada Post registered mail or XpressPost envelope. For mailed-in applications: Six (6) to seven (7 ) working days upon receipt of documents.

The Consulate is NOT RESPONSIBLE for delays or loss of documents mailed, or any other uncontrollable circumstances surrounding acknowledgment or authentication of your documents.

Expedite Processing :

On-the-day release (should be filed between 9AM-12PM) of consularized documents may be requested with an additional expedite fee of CAD$14.50 per document (not pages).  Releasing of consularized documents is between 3PM to 4PM on the same day.

Date modified: May 26th, 2022