Report of Death



The death of a Filipino national in British Columbia, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories should be reported to and registered with the Philippine National Statistics Office through the Consulate General.


  • Four (4) original-signed copies of the Report of Death Form;
  • Original and four (4) copies of the Certificate of Death issued by the Vital Statistics Office;
  • Original and four (4) copies of the data page of the Philippine passport of the deceased;
  • Original and four (4) copies of Proof of Status of the deceased e.g. Permanent Resident (PR) card / Visa (if tourist, leisure or business purpose) / Work Permit (if working abroad at the time of marriage) / Proof of Dual Citizenship (i.e. Identification Certificate or Order of Approval);
  • Original and four (4) copies of the Mortuary Certificate (and attachments) issued by the Philippine Consulate General (in case of shipment of human remains or urns for repatriation to the Philippines)


Report of Death form


CAD$ 36.25 for Report Death

Processing fee of C$36.25 in cash or money order/bank draft made payable to the Philippine Consulate General.  Do not send cash in the mail.

Processing Period

Processing at the Consulate takes two-three (2-3) business days upon receipt of the documents.

Date modified: July 3rd, 2020