March 01, 2021

Vancouver PCG’s Consul General Austria highlights contributions of Filipina migrants at Global Women Empowerment Dialogue

Vancouver – Consul General Maria Andrelita Austria participated in an intercultural dialogue on Global Women Empowerment on 16 February 2021 in Vancouver with Mexico’s Consul General Berenice Diaz Ceballos and Vancouver-based economic strategist Koyali Burman.  Consul General Austria highlighted the gains made by the Philippines in terms of women empowerment, underscoring the country’s robust leadeship in international bodies to protect the rights and promote the welfare of migrant.  Consul General Austria also underlined the crucial role of Filipino women migrants and immigrants in the frontlines of the pandemic as health care workers, caregivers and workers in the service sectors.  The dialogue, which was moderated by Hector Chaparro, was broadcast live over the Canada Latin Channel. END

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