January 05, 2024

Vancouver PCG Welcomes “Kulas” as its First Visitor for the Year 2024

Left to Right: Ms. Catherine Unas Diquit, Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann, Consul General Arlene T. Magno, Consul Analyn Ratonel and Finance Officer Irene Mendoza pose after the meeting at the Consulate. (photo from Vancouver PCG)

VANCOUVER, 04 January 2024 – On 03 January 2024, the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver, led by Consul General Arlene Magno, welcomed Kyle Jennermann, popularly known as "Kulas," a Canadian YouTuber behind the channel "Becoming Filipino," during the latter’s visit to the Consulate.

Born and raised in Vancouver Island, Canada, Kyle made headlines when he chose the Philippines as his new home, capturing his thrilling adventures in the rural parts of the country as he actively immerses himself in Filipino culture through his YouTube channel. The Philippine government officially granted him Philippine citizenship in September 2023.

During the visit, Kyle was accompanied by Ms. Catherine Unas Diquit, founder of Likhang Maragondon which is a social enterprise that works with stay-at-home moms, working students, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities in Maragondon, Cavite with the aim of empowering them with livelihood opportunities.

Consul General Magno acknowledged his significant contributions in promoting Philippine destinations and traditions through his YouTube channel. The meeting included discussions on various topics, including Kyle's experiences living in the Philippines, his cultural insights, and the positive impact of "Becoming Filipino" on fostering cultural understanding. Both parties also explored potential collaborations, with a particular focus on initiatives to celebrate the 75th anniversary of bilateral relations between Canada and the Philippines. END

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