November 13, 2019

Vancouver PCG Conducts Consular Outreach in Victoria, British Columbia

19 October 2019 – A consular team, led by Consul Ma. Charmaine D. Guevara, from the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver conducted a consular outreach mission in Victoria, British Columbia on 18-19 October 2019. (Left photo) Consular Assistants Ryan Macas and Charles Garrido capture the biometric data of passport applicants while other clients (right photo) wait for their turns. The team rendered a total of 267 consular services (202 – passport applications, 13 dual citizenship petitions, 34 notarial, 16 civil registrations and 2 NBI applications. The other members of the team were Finance Officer Cresencia Balladoli and Consular Assistants Jeanie-vi Llonora, Michael Yturriaga and Frisco Capunitan.


(Left photo) Consul Ma. Charmaine D. Guevara presides over the oath-taking of 32 Filipino-Canadians who reacquired/retained their Philippine citizenship under RA 9225 during outreach in Victoria. (Right photo) Philippine Overseas and Labor Office Administrative Assistant Charmaine Mercado (left) assists a Filipino temporary worker in her OWWA membership and provides information on OEC services.

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