Renewal or New Passport Application (Minor)

Note: All clients must fill up and submit the Health Declaration form on-site when availing services at the Consulate.


  • Duly accomplished Renewal or New Passport Application Form (Minor)
  • Latest Philippine passport, with photocopy of the data page (page showing photo and complete name and details)
  • Original and photocopy of one of the following, whichever is applicable:
    • Valid Permanent Resident card (for Canada resident) / Green Card (USA resident)
    • Status Verification from IRCC (if PR Card has expired more than two years from date of passport application);
    • Valid Confirmation of Permanent Residency (for newly-landed immigrants, i.e. 90 days),
    • Dual Citizenship Identification Certificate (for RA9225 renewal),
    • Valid Canadian Tourist Visa, valid Work Permit, valid Student Permit, whichever is applicable.
  • Original and photocopy of PSA/NSO issued Birth Certificate
  • Original and photocopy of Father or Mother’s passport or Permanent Resident card (for Canada resident) / Green card (for USA resident)
  • Additional requirements are listed on the third page of the Renewal or New Passport Application Form (Minor).
  • Self-addressed prepaid return envelope (with tracking number) per applicant must be provided upon submission of passport application. Applicant may secure said prepaid envelope from Canada Post (Xpresspost envelope) or from a courier service of their choice. The Consulate, however, will not assume responsibility for passports/documents that may be lost in the mail.


Renewal or New Passport Application Form (Minor)


Renewal and New Passport Application – CAD$ 87.00

Lost Passport Application – CAD$ 217.50 and Affidavit of Lost – CAD$ 36.25

Applicants may pay the exact amount in cash or by money order/bank draft payable to the Philippine Consulate General. 

Please note that personal cheques, debit or credit cards are not accepted.

Approximate Processing Period

The new passport will be available approximately 6-8 weeks after date of application.


Personal appearance is required for all passport applicants. Applicants are encouraged to book an appointment online for their convenience.

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Date modified: January 27th, 2021