January 03, 2024

Vancouver PCG Distributes Welfare Assistance to Filipinos Affected by Wildfires in Northwest Territories

Vancouver, 29 December 2023 -  Assistance-to-Nationals (ATN) Officer Ruel Penaflorida of the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver distributed welfare assistance to the second and last batch of Filipinos affected by the wildfires in Hay River and Yellowknife, NT, last August.

ATN Officer Penaflorida traveled to Yellowknife to personally hand over the Philippine government’s assistance to some 128 Filipinos who had lodged requests for assistance with the Philippine Consulate General.  While none of the Filipinos were severely affected by the wildfires, they were among those who were forced to evacuate the cities and stay at evacuation centers where they either ran out of cash or incurred huge credit card bills to pay for their accommodations, gas, food, and basic needs.

The Consulate dispensed the first tranche of Philippine government assistance during its outreach mission in Yellowknife on 30 September – 01 October.  All recipients were pleased and grateful for the assistance. END

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