August 11, 2022

Vancouver PCG Attends the Meeting of the ASEAN Consuls General in Vancouver (ACGV)

(Left photo) Left to right: Thai Consul General Rutch Soratana, Indonesian Consul General Hendra Halim, Vietnam Consul General Nguyen Quang Trung, Malaysian Consul General Shamsul Nizam bin Shamsuddin and Philippine Deputy Consul General Arlene T. Magno at the 8th Meeting of the ASEAN Consuls General in Vancouver (ACGV).  (Right Photo) Indonesian Consul General Halim chairs the ACGV luncheon meeting. (Vancouver PCG photos)

11 August 2022 – Deputy Consul General Arlene Magno attended the meeting of the ASEAN Consuls General in Vancouver (ACGV) held on 09 August 2022 at the official residence of the ACGV Chair Hendra Halim of Indonesia.

During the meeting, the ASEAN Consulates committed to undertake projects and activities aimed at promoting greater awareness of ASEAN.  The group also discussed recent developments of mutual concern and administrative matters such as rotation and arrivals of new diplomats.

At the end of the meeting, Consul General Hendra Halim of Indonesia handed over the Chairmanship of the ACGV to Consul General Nguyen Quang Trung of Vietnam.

ACGV is comprised of five ASEAN Member States: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Viet Nam. END

ASEAN Consuls General with the ACGV Working Group members during the 8th Meeting of the ACGV at the Residence of Indonesian Consul General on 09 August 2022.

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