December 24, 2023

Storytime Segment at Maligayang Pasko, Vancouver! Celebrates Jose Rizal Day with Filipino Classic: “Ang Pagong at Matsing”

(Left photo) Artist Paulina Constancia with her puppets, Pagong and Matsing.  (Right photo) Paulina with kids during the puppet story-telling of Rizal’s “Ang Pagong at ang Matsing.”

VANCOUVER 18 December 2023 – The Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Jose Rizal through a story telling of “Ang Pagong at ang Matsing” (The Turtle and The Monkey), a tale popularized and illustrated by Jose Rizal (published in England, 1889).

The Pinoy Storytime was held during the Maligayang Pasko, Vancouver! event organized by the Consulate on 16 December 2023 at the St. Patrick’s Recreation Center.

Using puppets, the story was retold by Filipino-Canadian multidisciplinary artist Paulina Constancia who was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines and immigrated to Canada.  The fable, deeply rooted in Philippine folklore, narrates the story of Pagong (turtle) and Matsing (monkey), two distinct characters symbolizing contrasting traits and values.

Rizal Day, observed on December 30 each year, marks the death anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, a national hero known for his writings and advocacy for social reform. The Storytime segment served as a fitting prelude to this significant day, instilling the values of courage, and the importance of education in the hearts of the young participants.

The Maligayang Pasko, Vancouver! has become an annual tradition, supporting the rapidly expanding Fil-Canadian businesses in the Greater Vancouver area and promoting cultural exchange, unity, and joy within the Filipino community in British Columbia. END

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