September 20, 2021

RIZAL@160 TULARAWAN Digital Art Contest 2021

In celebration of Dr. Jose Rizal’s 160th Birth Anniversary this year, the NCCA launched the project RIZAL@160 TULARAWAN Digital Art Contest 2021 for Overseas Filipino Youth last 19 June 2021.
The contest is open to Overseas Filipinos ages 18 to 35, and aims to encourage contest participants to immerse in Dr. Jose Rizal’s poetry and allow them to transform his literature to original creative digital artworks.
All Philippine Foreign Service Posts with Sentro Rizal will be accepting entries until 15 October 2021 (11:59 PM Philippine Standard Time). Kindly refer to this link to check the nearest Sentro Rizal site:
The winners will be announced in December, in time for the celebration of the Month of Overseas Filipinos and Rizal Day.
For more info, click here:

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