November 14, 2023

Philippine Dance and Music Showcased in British Columbia

(Top) The full cast of PhilCAS during its 20th Anniversary performance at the Gateway Theater on 04 November 2023. (Photo by Vancouver PCG)

On 04 November 2023, Gateway Theater in Richmond, BC came alive as Philippine Cultural Arts Society of British Columbia (PhilCAS of BC) treated its guests to a lively and vibrant two-hour performance in celebration of its 20th Anniversary through folk music and dance.

PhilCAS of BC is a Richmond-based non-profit organization that has been showcasing Philippine culture through dances and music since 1997.

In a message sent by Consul General Arlene Magno to PhilCAS for its souvenir program, she commended PhilCAS for its “dedication to instilling a sense of pride and cultural awareness in Filipinos in British Columbia.”  Consul General Magno also said that PhilCAS is a “unifying force, bringing together individuals from different backgrounds, forging lasting friendships, and strengthening the bonds of our Filipino-Canadian community.”

The celebration featured dances from the Cordilleras, Hispanic Philippines, Mindanao Tapestry and Sa Nayon, and song renditions by guest performers, Wings Vocal Collective, Ms. Danielle Yu and Himig Kabataan.  END

(Top) PhilCAS dances the Banga/Salidsid representing the Cordilleras.

(Top photo) From Hispanic Philippines, PhilCAS dances the La Jota Espanola.

(Left photo) Ms. Danielle Yu sings the Sampaguita Song.

(Photos by Vancouver PCG)

(Top) PhilCas dances the Singkil representing the Mindanao tapestry.

(Top) PhilCAS dances the ever-popular Tinikling dance representing “Sa Nayon.”

(Top, left) Himig Kabataan performs “Dahil Sa Iyo” and “Paru-Parong Bukid.” (Top, right) Wings Vocal Collective sings “L’important c’est la Rose” and “Rosas Pandan.” (Photos by Vancouver PCG)

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