December 30, 2021

ADVISORY NO. 53-2021: Online Visa Application System (OVAS)

The Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver informs the public that effective 1 January 2022, all Temporary Visitor Visa (9A visa) applications will be processed via the Department of Foreign Affairs Online Visa Application System (OVAS). All visa applicants must lodge their application through this link

Applicants who go through OVAS will receive a confirmation email with an Applicant Reference Number (ARN). Applicants must forward this email to the Visa Section of the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver using this email address

and set an appointment at .

Given the existing travel advisories issued by the Philippine government, only the following foreign nationals may apply for a 9A Temporary Visitors Visa:

  1. Foreign spouses of Filipino nationals;
  2. Foreign parents of minor Filipinos and of Filipino children with special needs;
  3. Foreign minor children and foreign children with special needs of Filipino citizens;
  4. Other foreign nationals with written authorization by the Department of Foreign Affairs.


  • Only single-entry applications will be considered. Multiple entry visa applications will automatically be
  • Application filed through OVAS or the email confirmation with ARN do not constitute an approved visa.
  • Applications received through mail/courier starting 1 January 2022 that were not lodged through OVAS will immediately be rejected and returned to sender.
  • Applications lodged through OVAS must still include supporting documents, which are to be submitted personally at the Consulate or through mail/courier.

ADVISORY NO. 53-2021 - Online Visa Application System (OVAS) (PDF)



30 December 2021

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