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​​​​​​​​​​The Philippine Consulate General is located inside the World Trade Center Office Complex at 999 Canada Place, at Suite 660 (6th floor), Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3E1

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Effective 01 June 2018, the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Philippines will be requiring all pet cats and dogs to be provided a radio-frequency identification (RFID) /microchip as mandatory requirement for entry into the Philippines.  Dogs and cats imported without the required identification and requirements will be declined entry and returned to its origin. All costs incurred will be shouldered by the importer.

In addition, all pet health certificates should be issued ten (10) days before entry to the Philippines, instead of the previously allowed 30 days.


1. Import permit issued by the Philippines' Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)
2. Canadian Health Certificate issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) or CFIA-accredited veterinarian; and
3. Mandatory identification of pet dog or cat with ISO compliant microchip/ RFID (radio-frequency identification).

Please note that the above requirements must be presented at the Philippine airport upon arrival of the pet. Failure to present the requirements may result in pet/s being quarantined upon arrival.


1. To obtain an import permit from the Philippines' Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI):
a) Go to and fill out the form.
b) Applicant will be asked for a Username (email) and Password, which will be used to check the status of the application. The status could be: (1) for Endorsement (meaning the application is waiting for the signature of the approving authority); (2) Approved; (3) Rejected (the applicant will have to re-apply).
c) To check the status of the application, go to or

Go to then click WEBCWS then log in

d) If approved, click the reference number and it will bring applicant to the 3-page SPS permit. Print the permit and present this at the Quarantine station in the airport (Philippines). Approval usually takes 1-2 days. Validity of the SPS permit is two months. Please read the other requirements on the permit in order to import your pet(s), i.e., Veterinary Health Certificate and the updated Vaccination Record.

For the updated Vaccination Records, the following will be needed:
DOGS: rabies vaccination and vaccination against distemper, leptospirosis, parvovirus, adenovirus type 2
CATS: rabies vaccination and vaccination against herpes, calicivirus, panleukopenia and feline leukemia

2. To obtain health certificate from CFIA or CFIA-accredited veterinarian
a) Secure a health certificate for each pet from a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) of CFIA-accredited veterinarian. (Please refer to
b) The health certificate should be dated within 10 days before the date of arrival in the Philippines. The health certificate should certify that the animal is free from, and has not been recently exposed to, any dangerous or communicable disease, and that it has been given anti-rabies and other required inoculations.
c) The health certificate should then be presented to the Philippine Consulate General for authentication shortly before the transport of the animal together with a copy of the veterinarian’s license.

If a copy of the veterinarian’s license is not available or if the request for authentication is requested by mail, pet owners should likewise secure a certification from the appropriate agency in Canada which has jurisdiction over the concerned veterinarian.  Said certificate should state, among others, that the veterinarian is licensed topractice within its jurisdiction and that his signature, as appearing on the certificate, is authentic.  Authentication Fee is CAD$36.25 per pet, payable in cash, money order or bank-certified cheques payable to the Philippine Consulate General.  If authentication is requested by mail, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Do not send cash by mail.

In this regard, please contact the following agencies, as appropriate:
British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association
Suite 155, 1200 West 73rd Avenue Vancouver, B.C., V6P 6G5
Tel: (604) 266-3441

City of Yukon
2121 2nd Street, Whitehorse Yukon, Y1A 1C2
Tel: (403) 667-6401

Government of the Nortwest Territories
Registries Clerk, Professional Licensing, Safety and Public Services
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, X1A 2L9

3. On the Mandatory Identification of pet dog or cat with ISO compliant microchip/ RFID (radio-frequency identification)

a) The microchip number indicated in the import permit application submitted to BAI-Philippines and in the health certificate issued by CFIA or CFIA-accredited veterinarian should match the microchip number implanted in the animal.


What are the requirements for pets entering the Philippines?